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Code Focus Insight Brain

By capturing all of your health service's important operational data, Code Focus can report back and provide significant insight to the things that matter the most.

Use these insights to:

  • Actively manage your budget
  • Reduce the number of errors in the initial coding phase by deepening your understanding of coding errors, and identify staff requiring support or education and/or processes requiring refinement
  • Monitor departmental performance

ABF Budget Vs Actual

As each episode is coded, Code Focus keeps a running total of your budget position. Health Information Managers, hospital executives and business performance units are all able to access these figures online to assess performance and determine if corrective measures are required.

As Code Focus receives these transactions instantly, it will quickly become the go-to tool for your hospital's financial performance and relevant key performance indicators.

Code Focus Insight Chart
Code Focus Insight Speaker

Coding feedback tool

Everybody makes mistakes; Code Focus helps users to learn from them.

Code Focus keeps a full history of every coding change that takes place and where
episodes are audited, a full history of why these codes were changed.

Coding users are able to login to code focus and access all this feedback in order to further their education, reduce future errors and the need for auditing.

Staff Performance

Using Code Focus managers can access accurate, staff performance information to understand how every member of their team is doing.

Simply select the employee reports to view achievements and performance details, compared with expectations, over your desired period.

See how staff compare with the team more broadly as well as individual performance.

Code Focus Insight Cup
Code Focus Manage Male Figure 03

Mr Coder

March Performance

Total Episodes Coded: 1,034
Total Funding Generated: 375.2307
Average Funding per Episode: 0.3629
Average Length of Stay per Episode: 0.5

Ms Auditor

March Performance

Total Episodes Coded: 216
Total Funding Generated: 197.3871
Average Funding per Episode: 1.793
Average Length of Stay per Episode: 3.7
Code Focus Female Insight