ABF coding audit


Code Focus Auditing Icon

Throw away those spreadsheets; with Code Focus, your work queues are created automatically!

From the time you log on, you can navigate easily between your work queues:

  • Default Audit List
  • Priority Lists
  • Outstanding Queries
  • Overdue Audits
  • etc.

Information required to audit, including original coding and episode details and the Auditor’s review is contained in a single view, streamlining your workflow.

Code Focus retains changes to DRG, funding or episodes and the outcome of auditor reviews (finalisation or further follow-up) enabling historical review and insightful reporting.

Code Focus Auditing Graphic

Quality Coding, Accurate Funding

Use Code Focus for your auditing and immediately:

  • ​Increase the quality of coding through the
    coder-auditor-coder 'feedback loop'
  • Uncover funding that was unable to be determined
    at the time of coding
  • Assist coding staff with ongoing education opportunities.