Code Focus

Health Information Services.

Take control

  • Are you having trouble getting accurate, financial information about your 
    activity based funding in an effective and timely manner? 

  • Real-time reporting on HIS team performance, allowing you to align resources to demand.

  • Have you a process in place for providing coders feedback to improve future performance; do you know where coding is changed?

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code focus manages the coding and auditing functions for Health Information Services departments within Australian hospitals where Casemix / Activity Based funding models are in place.

Improve team performance

  • code focus assigns work based on the attributes of an episode and the capability of your staff

  • code focus records all aspects of ABF coding and provides a complete history of the work your team completes

  • capitalise on this information to coordinate your team's ongoing education and manage performance

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Audit episodes

  • application logic targets important AR-DRGs

  • automatically assign to staff with specific experience

  • automatically assign to staff with specific experience

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Activity based funding analytics

Code Focus Analytics Hvr

Real-time ABF reporting

  • track ABF budget progress against targets

  • highlight auditing results

  • historical performance analysis

Gain insight

Code Focus Insight

At the touch of a button access real-time information to:

  • understand your coding errors in detail and provide staff feedback

  • manage organisation, team & individual performance

  • create awareness of coding & auditing work outstanding

Integrated to your hospital

Using direct connections with appropriate health-level integration technologies & security, code focus:

  • accesses coding information in real time from your patient administration system

  • interacts with other important systems such as electronic and scanned medical records

  • makes decisions and applies your hospital's business rules as episodes are received