Assisting you with the management
of clinical coding and auditing.

Protecting You

Code Focus transforms health services operations to deliver quality clinical coding. We help you leverage your most strategic asset: real-time data. In these challenging times, Code Focus helps you:

  • Protect your revenue

  • Protect your staff

  • Protect your organisation

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Code Focus manages the coding and auditing functions for Health Information Services departments within hospitals where Casemix / Activity Based funding models are in place.


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Improve team performance

  • Code Focus assigns work based on the attributes of an episode and the capability of your staff

  • Code Focus records all aspects of ABF coding and provides a complete history of the work your team completes

  • Capitalise on this information to coordinate your team's ongoing education and manage performance

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Audit episodes

  • Application logic targets important AR-DRGs

  • Automatically assign to staff with specific experience

  • Automatically assign to staff with specific experience

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Activity based funding analytics

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Real-time ABF reporting

  • Track ABF budget progress against targets

  • Highlight auditing results

  • Historical performance analysis

Gain insight

Code Focus Insight

At the touch of a button access real-time information to:

  • Understand your coding errors in detail and provide staff feedback

  • Manage organisation, team & individual performance

  • Create awareness of coding & auditing work outstanding

Integrated to your hospital

Using direct connections with appropriate health-level integration technologies & security, Code Focus:

  • Accesses coding information in real time from your patient administration system

  • Interacts with other important systems such as electronic and scanned medical records

  • Makes decisions and applies your hospital's business rules as episodes are received